System Guidelines

Character Creation Guidlines:

Start at 2,700 EXP, so you have adventuring experience. (You can gain bonus experience at character creation by adding a little more detail to your characters, meaning you start at a potentially higher level. Details are at the bottom.)

Core/Complete Books, PHB2 and heroes of horror.

Non-evil alignments. (The plot is about stamping out corruption.)

I’m changing cross class skills. Like skills, cross class skills are bought at one point per skill point. And instead of the usual half your class skills ranks cap on cross class skills, they are instead able to be brought up to your level.

Let’s all be heroes. For stats roll 4d6 seven times. Re-roll all 1’s. Take the three highest numbers each roll. Drop the lowest outcome. For HP add half your HD to your HD rolled/2. (For example a Rogue normally gains 1d6. He would automatically get +3 upon leveling and then 1d6/2.)

House Rules:

Death works a little bit differently in this world. Resurrection is difficult as the spell can only be cast in certain areas. Its rather long and complex, taking hours rather than minutes to cast. Sometimes people resurrected from death come back slightly different. There has been talk of certain individuals who were able to bargain with the Death God for their companion’s soul. It usually requires a quest of some kind. It’s not the easiest thing to accomplish, which explains why not just any mook comes back from the dead.

I will be using the Taint mechanics from “Heroes of Horror” though I may slightly modify it to make it less harsh.

Added Exotic Weapon—One handed weapon, Knightly Blade (1d8 damage, crit 18-20)
Added Feat Armor Mastery (Medium) – Prereq: Level 6 and Armor Proficiency Medium. Grants: Ignore the standard speed reduction for wearing medium armor.
Added Feat Armor Mastery (Heavy) – Prereq: Level 9, Armor Proficiency Heavy, and Armor Mastery (Medium). Grants: Ignore the standard speed reduction for wearing heavy armor.

Remember to let me know if you have any suggestions. I’m always up for changing some of the rules we all know don’t quite make sense.

Rules subject to change at anytime.


  • Extra experience for a well thought out back story in writing. (Up to 200 EXP)
  • Feel free to come up with some quirky contacts your character may know. I’ll be happy to work them into the story and give you some extra experience. (Up to 200 EXP)

System Guidelines

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