Counsel of Shadows

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October 16th I think…
The following day we followed a young girl named Pheebs who claimed she knew of a job we could partake in. Supposedly she wasn’t capable of doing the job herself, as she isn’t licensed. Quite frankly it sounded incredibly fishy. But wanting to make a name for ourselves, gain any sort of income, and generally just help out, the group agreed to join her. We then went on a stinky, nasty, sewer crawl in an attempt to find out what happened to a few missing workers. After tromping through all sorts of natural hazards and battling off all sorts of rats. Including some of truly massive proportions. We managed to locate the unfortunately deceased sewer workers. Along the way we also defeated a good portion of the monstrous rats, rescued a small litter of ROUSs (Rodents of unusual size, apparently the “cute and cuddly” variety of rat), and then wandered up a ladder. There we found ourselves standing in a small wooded area, quickly identified as a Druid’s grove inside the city limits. Two, we are guessing druids, approached us to see what we were up to, as well as help out, and that is about where we left off for the evening.

October 2nd… perhaps
We begin our adventure first entering the city of Carthage. A large coastal city, judging by the smell. We are admitted into the city and told that in order to live here, we must travel to the adventurer’s guild and gain membership. Only then are we allowed to live and work here. Seeing as each person has a reason to be here, we all agree. The group of newcomers are told that they will be staying at a place called the Dodgy Badger and are thus taken there. Upon arriving the party looks around and learns that the Dodgy Badger, while possibly a great place in the past, is now a rather run down shoddy looking collection of buildings and vines. We grimace and complain, but head inside where we are introduced to young master Tavibury. He mentions that he is in charge of the estate and proceeds to show us to our rooms as we will be living here for a while. After some hijinx, including a regularly scheduled bar room brawl at the local tavern, the party retires to their rooms for the evening.

The next day we set out for the adventurer’s guild. Here we were given a test. A short dungeon crawl testing our problem solving, trap finding, team work, and combat abilities. Though not the most graceful group to ever have crossed the finish line, we did indeed manage to complete our task and were awarded our VISAs (Verifiable Identification with Skills and Aptitudes). As newly licensed adventurers we were also assigned another poor soul to join our motley crew. And then we headed off for a regularly scheduled bar room brawl, as well as sleep.


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